5 tacos for a successful cinco de mayo

    Refried bean chicken tacos

    Here at Easy Food, we’re just as obsessed with tacos as the next person. In honour of cinco de mayo, we’ve compiled our most popular taco curations to come out of our test kitchen.

    1. Chicken tacos with chilli cream sauce

    Chicken tacos with chilli cream sauce. Easy Food

    This twist on the classic chicken taco is next level. Simply delicious, fresh and easy.

    2. Tex-mex beef tacos

    Tex mex beef tacos Easy Food

    Nothing beats a traditional beef taco, rich and enticing with the full complement of flavours. Mix it up a bit by adding sliced fresh chilli to your guacamole to pack an extra punch.

    3. Hoisin pork tacos

    Hoisin pork tacos Easy Food

    Chinese-Mexican fusion tacos: no one saw it coming, but we are so glad it arrived! Sure to become a favourite on your weekly rotation, this hoisin pork taco is surely sent from the heavens. Taco night will never be the same.

    4. Refried bean chicken tacos

    Refried bean chicken tacos

    Refried beans are delicious by their own accord, so this recipe can easily be adapted for vegetarians by substituting chicken for seitan or tempeh.

    5. Prawn and mango tacos with fast ‘n’ fresh salsa

    Prawn and mango tacos Easy FoodThe delicate flavours of prawn are surprisingly decadent when mixed with the sweet juiciness of mango and chilli. Add to that a sour hint of lime and your taste buds are dancing. Next time you’re thinking fish tacos – try this instead.


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