20 thoughts you’ve had in the kitchen during lockdown


    Staying at home for weeks on end definitely has an effect on your eating habits. Here are 20 thoughts you might relate to while in self-isolation.

    1. Wow! I’ve never been so grateful for out-of-date popcorn.
    Nobody will even know, right?

    2. Man! I’ve never seen my partner so happy to eat a salad.
    When you’re hungry, anything goes.

    3. Beans on toast. Beans beside toast. Beans under toast. 
    The love for beans only gets stronger if it’s the only thing you eat.

    4. I won’t tell him that was meat I was saving for the dog. 
    Meat is meat, am I right?

    5. I’ll just have one more coffee. That’ll ease the anxiety. 
    Caffeine fixes everything.

    6. They may be completely black, but as long as they’re not mouldy those bananas are fine for more banana bread, right? 
    Oh, for sure!

    7. Step away from the fridge…
    … I tell myself for the 15th time today.

    8. What? You want to be fed AGAIN?!
    Eating does make the time pass by quicker…

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    9. I should have bought more bread. 
    Carbo-loading is a thing, right?

    10. When all your quarantine ‘snacks’ are gone in one day. 
    Working from home makes you real hungry.

    11. Is it wrong to hide the last slice of batch loaf in the vegetable drawer so nobody else eats it?
    Asking for a friend.

    12. I know it says ‘share bag’, but I DO need to keep up my strength up during all of this. 
    I don’t have anyone to share it with anyway.

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    13. Checking the fridge for the third time but it still doesn’t have any more tasty snacks.
    Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

    14. The ‘use by’ dates are mostly guidelines, right? 
    Sure, they are… (insert facepalm emoji)

    15. Not even MacGyver could make something decent out of a jar pickled onions and a tomato.
    Lockdown is the new Chopped.

    16. Hmm… the bread is four days past its sell-by-date. It’ll be fine if I toast it. 
    Says everyone every day.

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    17. The bathroom is a great place to eat chocolate in peace.
    Just close the door and turn on the taps to drown out the noise from the wrapper.

    18. Tricking your head into believing you’re on a diet, and then promptly crying because there are no snacks left. 
    Life is so cruel!

    19. When working remotely, food eaten during ‘office hours’ is merely fuel, and doesn’t contain calories. 
    According to my leggings, I haven’t gained any weight.

    20. Walking into the kitchen and walking back out, just because it happens to be there and you’re not used to having such an accessible food dispenser.
    You need to get your steps in anyway, right?