15 fresh and fabulous reasons you need Easy Gluten-Free Spring

    Easy Gluten-Free Spring 2019 issue 12 cover Easy Food
    We’re so excited to see the Spring edition of Easy-Gluten-Free appearing on shelves! There are plenty of delicious reasons to pick up your copy — here are just a few…


    1. Spring lamb
    As you can tell from our gorgeous cover, we look forward to welcoming spring lamb back onto our tables every year. We’ve got some lovely recipes to show off this Irish gem.

    2. This beautiful risotto
    Much like lamb, we love to see Irish salmon come back into season. That’s why we whipped up this fabulous risotto combining fresh salmon with spring greens.

    Springtime salmon risotto with pea pesto Easy Gluten Free Easy Food

    3. Sweet vs. savoury crêpes
    Whether you have a sweet tooth or are strictly savoury, our crêpes will make sure your Pancake Tuesday is delicious.

    4. Midweek cooking
    Easy, quick dinners for those busy evenings.

    5. High fibre foods
    Fibre is crucial for a healthy digestive tract. It’s easy to make sure you’re getting enough with these fibre-packed, gut-friendly recipes.

    6. Spice it up
    If you’re a fan of spicy food, you’ll love these fiery, flavoursome recipes.

    Prawn laksa Easy Gluten Free Easy Food

    7. Easy Easter
    Put the ‘ease’ in Easter with this stripped-back meal that’s still sure to impress.

    8. Leftover roasts
    If you’re going the traditional roast route for Easter, these recipes for leftovers will ensure that they’re every bit as tasty as this original dish.

    9. Fully loaded chips
    As if chips weren’t delicious enough, we’ve been loading them with the most decadent toppings. Treat yo’self.

    Buffalo fries Easy Gluten Free Easy Food

    10. Breakfasts for busy mornings
    These quick ideas will make it easier than ever to eat a healthy brekkie on the run.

    11. This seafood chowder
    Is there a more delectable way to celebrate Paddy’s Day?

    Seafood chowder Easy Gluten Free Easy Food

    12. Dairy-free dinners and desserts
    If you have issues with dairy as well as with gluten, this issue is the one for you – we’ve got you covered with both dinners and desserts.

    13. Avocado ideas
    If you’re still all about avocados, you’ll love these new ways to serve ‘em up.

    Avocado egg bowls Easy Gluten Free Easy Food

    14. Mothers Day brunch
    Mum can put her feet up while the kids pull together this easy breakfast spread.

    15. Advice from those in the know
    As usual, we’ve got expert advice from the Coeliac Society of Ireland and nutritionist Sarah Keogh, while travel writer Thomas Breathnach has been pulling together his list of Ireland’s best gluten-free getaways. Time to plan that staycation!

    The Spring 2019 issue of Easy Gluten-Free is on sale now!

    Easy Gluten Free Spring 2019 issue 12 cover Easy Food


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