13 tasty recipes that will take you straight to Greece

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    We can’t travel right now, but our tastebuds can! Use your mealtimes to transport yourself to more exotic surroundings — from the safety of your kitchen. This week, we’re imagining ourselves in sunny Greece…


    Skewered meat is a popular part of Greek cuisine. Try these simple steak skewers with a fresh, herby salad; if the weather permits, cook them on the barbecue for that mouthwatering smoky, charred flavour.

    Greek beef skewers with couscous salad Easy Food
    Could this be the perfect summer fare?

    Speaking of firing up the barbecue, these lamb chops are well-balanced by a simple courgette and Feta salad. Add a few pitta breads and you’re good to go.

    Barbecued lamb chops with courgette and Feta | Easy Food
    Simple flavours, well matched.

    Fancy something a little lighter? Try this Greek-inspired chicken, flavoured with lemon and dill and served with salad and pitta for a satisfying summer meal.




    Feta is by far the best-known of the Greek cheese pantheon, and its saltiness matches well with a range of foods. Enjoy it with rip cherry tomatoes and superfood broccoli in this crowd-pleasing summer salad.

    Broccoli, Feta and tomato salad easy food
    A delicious lunchtime option or side dish for dinner.

    Spanakopita is a dish that makes good use of the heaven-match match of Feta, spinach and filo pastry. For an easier version that keeps all the same flavours without the filo faff, try this tasty tart!

    Spanakopita tart Easy Food
    This clever cheat’s version gives you all of the flavours without the fuss.

    While it’s technically from Cyprus, Halloumi is popular throughout Greece, too. We love this Halloumi traybake — the perfect all-in-one dinner for good weather.

    Harissa and Halloumi vegetable traybake Easy Food
    Even meat-lovers will adore this all-in-one meal.



    Seafood is a big part of Greek cuisine, cooked so fresh it requires the miminum of fuss. This pan-fried fish with tomatoes and capers is the ideal quick-fix dinner for a sunny summer evening. Just add a glass of wine and relax.

    Pan-fried fish with tomatoes and capers | Easy Food
    This dish is so simple, you’ll be amazed at its big flavours.

    Never roasted a whole fish before? This straightforward seabass recipe is a great place to start, with tender, juicy results.

    Mediterranean roasted seabass Easy Food
    Who said a roast dinner was just for cold weather?


    Simple little extras

    We may be paying a virtual visit to Greece, but we’re still Irish, so potatoes are still very much on the table! Keep things simple by adding a side of these Greek-style new potatoes.

    Greek-style new potatoes Easy Food
    The combination of lemon zest, parsley and Feta keeps this dish fresh and vibrant.

    For a more complex side, check out this stunning Mediterranean-inspired twist on the classic potato salad.

    Mediterranean potato salad | Easy Food
    This is sure to brighten up your day!

    Tabbouleh is a classic bulghur wheat salad from the Mediterranean and Levantine regions, and its generous handfuls of fresh herbs make it an absolute delight to eat in the sunshine.

    Tabbouleh Easy Food
    Your new favourite barbecue side.

    What happens when you take classic Greek foods and flavours and reconfigure them with a Tex-Mex favourite in mind? These Mediterranean nachos, of course!

    Mediterranean nachos Easy Food
    Traditional? Not at all. A very tasty lunch or snack? Absolutely!

    Finally, celebrate in-season aubergines with these simple flatbreads — a delicious casual nibble best served with good wine and sunshine.

    Aubergine flatbread pizzas. Easy Food


    If all else fails, grab some nice bread, some olives and a bottle of good olive oil, and close your eyes in the sun.


    We hope you enjoy your virtual trip to the Mediterranean. Stay safe, stay well-fed.