11 ways Easy Food September will make you smile

    Easy Food September 2020 issue 150

    We’re excited to share the latest edition of Easy Food with you, packed with over 70 inspiring recipes to take you through September and beyond. Read on to find out what treats we have in store this time…


    1. Green machine

    We adore broccoli, but even if you’re not a fan, we reckon we’ll still be able to tempt you with the dishes we’ve been concocting this month. Golden, crunchy broccoli fritters? Sweet and spicy bang bang broccoli? Cheesy, creamy broccoli-stuffed chicken? YES. Enjoying your veg has never been so easy.

    Broccoli_Fritters_Easy Food
    You can’t help but be tempted by these crisp broccoli fritters.


    2. Shane Smith

    Pastry chef Shane Smith is back for a second stint as Easy Food guest editor, sharing some of his latest creations and his top tips on baking with alternative flours.

    Shane Smith pastry chef Easy Food guest editor
    Pastry chef Shane Smith, back in the Easy Food Test Kitchen.
    3. Muffin to it

    Whether you’re on the hunt for sweet or savoury muffins, Food Stylist Shannon has the recipes and tips you need for perfect results every time.

    Banana_Oat_muffin_Easy Food
    These banana oat muffins may be the perfect healthy mid-morning treat.


    4. Five-ingredient bakes

    We’ve been stripping things back to basics with our five-ingredient bakes so you can enjoy a sweet treat with little to no shopping involved. You won’t believe how we’ve been making use of the ice cream in our freezer!

    Hazelnut_brownies_Easy Food
    Yep, just five ingredients required for these fudgy brownies.


    5. Go big or go home

    Salad season isn’t over yet, but as the days get a little shorter and the air gets a little cooler, we need more fuel. That’s where these hearty salad plates come in: big on flavour and sure to keep you satisfied.

    Ratatouille_salad_Mozzarella_Garlic_Toasts_Easy Food
    This ratatouille salad celebrates the last of the summer produce, Italian style.


    6. Cook once, eat twice

    We’re firm believers that being organised is the key to freedom. That’s why we’ve designed these tasty dinners with the express aim of getting a second, completely different meal out of each one. You’re welcome.

    Cheesy_Cod_Mustard_Mash_Easy Food
    Cheesy cod with mustard mash tonight, tasty little cod cakes tomorrow.


    7. Friendly fire

    Gather round the campfire to spend some quality time with your loved ones — and some seriously good food! From fire-roasted sausage dogs to s’mores both sweet and savoury, this is sure to be an evening that builds lasting — and delicious — memories.

    Smores campfire cooking Easy Food
    *Homer Simpson drooling noises


    8. Eat Ireland

    Deputy Editor Jocelyn Doyle has been discovering the story behind one of the West Coast’s most unique, pure and top-quality products, Calveys Achill Mountain Lamb.

    Eat Ireland Jocelyn Doyle Calveys Achill Mountain Lamb Easy Food
    We loved finding out the story behind this amazing Irish product.
    9. Love those lunches

    Whether you have kids heading back to school or you’re venturing back to the office yourself, we’ve got you covered. In this issue, you’ll find new recipes for kids’ lunches — for  those days at home, too! — as well as more adult ideas for soups, portable sambos and heat-and-eat lunches.

    Ham, cheese and egg quesadilla Easy Food


    10. Weekly menu planner

    Would it even be Easy Food without a whole week’s worth of easy, affordable dinner ideas?! Not on our watch!

    Chicken_Vegetable_Tray_Bake_Easy Food
    You know we love a good one-pan option!
    11. From the butchers block

    Our butcher pal Michael Fleming gave us the inside scoop on beef mince… then we used it to create this mouthwatering gnocchi Bolognese.

    Gnocchi_Bolognese_Easy Food
    We’re gonna need some garlic bread.


    The September issue of Easy Food hits shops next Thursday 13th August — don’t miss out!

    Easy Food September 2020 issue 150 front cover