11 ways Easy Food April will inspire your cooking

    Easy Food issue 147 April 2020 covid-19 cooking inspiration
    Easy Food April hits the shops this Saturday 28th. Whether you’re looking for dinner inspiration, tips on cooking from your cupboards or fun baking ideas to pass the time, this issue will be the perfect companion in your #covidkitchen.


    1. Easy dinners

    From tasty new ideas for pasta to a highly-adaptable frittata recipe, our easy weeknight meals have never been so useful! Why not try roasting that tin of chickpeas with some storecupboard spices for this delicious meat-free Monday dinner?

    Roasted squash and chickpea wrap Easy Food
    Roasted squash and chickpea wraps


    2. Love those lentils

    Speaking of pantry staples, we’ve pulled together five delicious recipes so you can stop wondering what you’re going to do with that bag of lentils. With no compromise on flavour, this is storecupboard cooking at its finest.

    Coconut and spinach dhal lentils Easy Food
    Coconut and spinach dhal
    3. Souper flavours

    We may not be out and about much, but these fresh and flavoursome soups will bring a much-needed taste of spring into your kitchen.

    Spring soups Easy Food
    Springtime soups
    4. Easter baking

    There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than baking up some sweet treats, and Easter is as good an excuse as any. Whether you’re an all-adult household or baking with the kids, this is a surefire way to keep everyone entertained.

    Easter bunny cupcakes Easy Food
    Easter bunny cupcakes


    5. In the pink

    If you’ve managed to get your hands on some in-season rhubarb we have plenty of ways to use it, from colourful compotes and refreshing cordial to cute individual crumbles and these simply stunning panna cottas. Kitchen project, anyone?

    Rhubarb panna cotta Easy Food
    Rhubarb panna cotta
    6. Superstar sambos

    We’ve been taking the time to create some truly mouthwatering sandwiches — sandwiches big, bold and beautiful enough to take a place at the dinner table. (Warning: these photos will make you HUNGRY.) We’ve also included our tips on building the best possible sambo, no matter what ingredients you have to hand.

    Indulgent sandwiches Easy Food
    Just some of our incredible sandwiches. You know you want to.
    7. Waste not

    Minimising waste and maximising the potential of every meal are always pillars of the Easy Food philosophy, but they definitely seem even more relevant in light of the current situation. Our local butcher Michael Fleming chats through using every last bit of that piece of meat, while we share our top tips for getting three dinners from one chicken.


    8. Sweet like chocolate

    Look, sometimes you just have to indulge yourself, and chocolate is simply one of the best ways to do it. We’ve gone full chocoholic with a range of decadent recipes in this edition, including these Creme Egg brownies.

    Creme Egg brownies Easy Food
    Creme Egg brownies
    9. Easter crafts

    On the hunt for a child-friendly project? Not only will making our adorable bunny plant pots keep them quiet for a few hours, but it’s also a nice way to introduce them to the concept of growing their own plants.


    10. Challenge yourself

    If you’re feeling adventurous — or bored out of your mind — why not try creating your own Easter eggs from scratch? We’ve got a handy step-by-step guide so you can be a little bit ‘eggstra’ this Easter.

    Homemade Easter eggs challenge yourself Easy Food
    Homemade Easter eggs
    11. Marshmallows

    Continuing in the vein of covid-19 kitchen creativity, our gorgeous fluffy homemade marshmallows might be just the afternoon project you’re looking for.

    Strawberries and cream marshmallows Easy Food
    Strawberries and cream marshmallows


    The April issue of Easy Food is in supermarkets from this Saturday 28th — don’t miss out on your home cooking inspiration.

    Easy Food 2020 April issue 147 front cover