11 reasons you’ll want to devour Easy Food September

    Easy Food issue 133 September

    We run through our favourite reasons to pick up the September issue of Easy Food.

    1. Super Sharon!
    Busy mum, food writer, stylist and cook, Sharon Hearne Smith is serious multi-tasking goals! We visited her beautiful kitchen where she gave us some of her best cooking tips and quick-fix recipes from her new cookbook.

    Sharon Hearne Smith Easy Food guest editor

    2. Back to school
    It’s that time again, and we’ve got some great new ideas for lunchbox bites that your kids are sure to love. Over in the Test Kitchen, Food Stylist Shannon has been baking sweet and savoury treats to pop in, too.

    3. Fun with flatbreads
    We love flatbreads for easy lunches, quick dinners and casual entertaining. Try out one or more of our fun topping ideas using naans, pittas or other flatbreads.

    Flatbreads Easy Food

    4. 30-minute meals
    These new family favourites prove once again that it’s possible to get a nutritious dinner on the table when time is short.

    5. Movie night snacks
    Make your night in extra special with these tasty treats! From creamy, spicy jalapeño poppers to homemade toffee popcorn, there’s something to suit every palate.

    Toffee popcorn Easy Food

    6. College cooking
    If you have older kids heading off to college (or staying at home, for that matter!) now’s the time to teach them basic cooking skills. Each of our culinary building blocks – once mastered – can be used to create loads of different dishes, so this crash course in cooking is just what’s needed.

    7. What’s up, doc?
    We’ve been experimenting with sweet, seasonal carrots, a budget-friendly and versatile addition to any vegetable drawer. We especially loved these low-carb carrot taco shells; fill them with plenty of fresh veggies and feel very virtuous indeed.

    Low-carb carrot taco shells Easy Food

    8. Bean-to-bar Irish chocolate
    Recipe Editor Jocelyn Doyle is off to West Cork to explore the world of minimum-waste production, sustainable sourcing and exceptional artisan bean-to-bar chocolate. Chocoholics will definitely need to check this one out.

    9. Something fishy
    Our favourite butcher Michael Fleming takes a break from the turf to discuss the surf! If you’re wary of cooking fish, this is a good place to start (and you’ll love our Chinese-style sweet and sour fish recipe).

    10. Autumnal flavours
    We’re welcoming autumn into our kitchen, and it tastes so good; just look at the waffles on the cover, for cryin’ out loud! Try our sweet harvest fruit in warming ginger syrup, tender pork fillet with cauliflower mash and apple pan sauce or our fabulous recipes for apple snacks, dinners and desserts.

    Harvest fruit in ginger syrup Easy Food

    11. Peanut butter and jam energy balls
    These energy-rich lunchbox treats are packed with fibre, protein and healthy fats. With a winning combination of sweet and salty flavours, both kids and adults will love them.

    The September issue of Easy Food is in shops now with 95 seasonal recipes!

    Easy Food magazine issue 133 September 2018 cover