11 reasons you need Easy Gluten-Free Autumn

    Easy Gluten Free Autumn 2018 Easy Food
    We run through our favourite reasons to pick up the new Autumn edition of Easy Gluten-Free…

    1. Preserves
    As autumn arrives, set some of the season aside with our easy preserves and pickles.

    2. Kid-approved soups
    These simple soup recipes are ideal for kids, but the grown-ups will love them, too.

    Corn chowder gluten free Easy Food

    3. Brain food
    It’s back-to-school time, and these winning combinations of brain foods are sure to keep them focused when it counts.

    4. Cheese
    These decadent cheese-filled recipes are the perfect way to treat yourself as the weather gets cooler.

    Tartiflette gluten free Easy Food

    5. Travel
    Gluten-free travel writer Thomas Breathnach hunts down suitable meal options in beautiful Prague.

    6. Snack attack
    Bored of the same snacks? Not any more! From jalapeño butter popcorn to Mediterranean-inspired nachos and even your very own homemade beef jerky, these’s something for every mood.

    Mediterranean nachos gluten free Easy Food

    7. Seasonal food
    There’s plenty to enjoy this autumn; try our delicious recipes using fresh corn and so-healthy broccoli.

    Mexican street corn gluten free Easy Food

    8. On-the-go breakfasts
    Busy mornings can still be both tasty and nutritious with these healthy grab-and-go breakfast options.

    9. One-bowl baking
    The summer was long, hot and lovely, but we did feel a little glum that it was too hot to bake. Get back into the swing of things with these easy one-bowl recipes – hardly any washing up!

    Lemon cake gluten free Easy Food

    10. Tasty work lunches
    Who says work lunches have to be boring? These inventive options make dining al desko a real treat.

    11. Expert advice
    Nutritionist and dietician Sarah Keogh explains how coeliac disease can affect fertility, while the Coeliac Society of Ireland provide travel advice and answer your questions about gluten-free life.

    The Autumn edition of Easy Gluten-Free is in shops now with over 70 delicious, gluten-free recipes. Pick up your copy today!

    Easy Gluten Free Autumn 2018 cover Easy Food


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