11 reasons why you need our summer special immediately

    Easy Food June July Summer Special 2019 issue 140
    1. Beyond the burger

    First things first! We’ve gone above and beyond this year to create the most over-the-top, indulgent burgers possible, a glorious riot of flavour, texture, melting cheese and oozing sauces. Napkins mandatory.

    Poutine Burger Easy Food

    2. What’s in season?

    We love courgette season, and have been experimenting with everything from courgette pickles to crispy fritters. Our (current) favourite is this courgette quiche — an easy, yet elegant, taste of summer.

    Courgette Quiche Easy Food

    3. Super salads

    Keep it fresh this season with our bumper feature on crunchy, moreish salads. There’s no reason healthy food can’t put a smile on your face.

    4. Strawberries

    Keeping it seasonal, there are plenty to reasons to celebrate sweet Irish strawberries with our wholesome, good-for-you treats.

    Strawberry ice cream Easy Food

     5. Brownies

    When you need a break from all that healthy eating, get your bake on with our brownies. Are you Team Fudgy or Cakey? We’ve got recipes for both, as well as fun twists on the classic like these peanut butter beauties.

    Peanut butter Brownie Easy Food

    6. Can’t top this

    Mix things up with our recipes for more unusual toppings, from sticky whiskey bacon jam to pickled Mexican slaw. Whether you load them onto sandwiches, burgers, sausage dogs or anything else, they’re sure to add that something special.

    Curtido Mexican pickled slaw Easy Food

    7. Eating Irish

    Recipe Editor Jocelyn has been learning all about Dexters, one of Ireland oldest indigenous breeds of cattle, and creating this gorgeous brisket with apricot-whiskey glaze.

    Castlescreen Farm Brisket Eat Ireland Easy Food Jocelyn Doyle

    8. Club Med

    The Mediterranean diet has been lauded as the healthiest eating regimen in the world — and the good news is, it’s full of delicious foods perfect for summer. We’re sharing some lovely dinner ideas to keep your heart healthy and your stomach satisfied.

    9. Feeling fruity

    Speaking of baking, cake queen Shannon extols the virtues of baking with summer fruits, sharing some of her top tips as well as the recipe for this simply stunning Charlotte cake.

    Charlotte Cake Shannon Peare Easy Food

    10. Take it easy

    We’ve included lots of ideas for simple, flavoursome summer dining to ease you into the warmer months with minimum effort. Whether it’s a quick-fix midweek meal or a fun al fresco weekend affair, there’s plenty to keep your tastebuds tingling.

    Indian Naan Pizza Easy Food

    11. Barbecue basics

    We all know Irish people will leap into a pair of shorts and fire up the barbecue at the first hint of sunshine*, so we’ve packed this issue with all the tips, hacks and recipes you need for a delicious afternoon that melts into evening. Local butcher Michael Fleming is also on board, sharing his advice for making sure your meat is as impressive as possible.

    (*Continuing sunshine not guaranteed; we’re recipe creators, not magicians.)

    Hoisin Hot Dog Easy Food

    The June-July Summer Special of Easy Food is on sale from June 8th. Don’t miss out!

    Easy Food June July Summer Special 2019 cover issue 140


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