10 ways to celebrate being Irish with Easy Food

    Easy Food magazine March 2020 front cover issue 146
    March is one of our favourite issues every year, as we go full green, white and gold and celebrate everything that’s delicious about living on the Emerald Isle! Here’s what’s in store…


    1. Guest editors

    Who’s in the house? Everyone, that’s who! We’ve done a round-up of some of our all-time favourite Irish celebrity chefs and asked them to share the recipes that best represent Ireland to them. From Darina Allen’s traditional bacon and cabbage to Susan Jane White’s tea brack, there’s a wealth of gorgeous dishes waiting to be explored. Elsewhere, longtime Irish food champion Georgina Campbell is sharing some fabulous fish recipes from the latest edition of her seafood-themed cookbook.

    2. In the cabbage patch

    One of our most quintessentially Irish vegetables, cabbage has the enviable position of being both exceptionally healthy and much-loved. Bacon and cabbage will always have a special place in our hearts and our bellies, but we’ve been having some serious craic in the kitchen dreaming up new ways to enjoy one of our all-time favourite greens. Just look at these beautiful beef and cabbage rolls!

    Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Easy Food

    3. Classics, revamped

    Certain foods become classics for a reason — so what happens if you take those classics and elevate them to a whole new level? Maximum flavour, that’s what! We’re talking luxury slow-cooked shepherd’s pie; venison bangers with black pudding and leek mash; indulgent scampi spice bags; a dreamy mash-up between steak sandwich and Caesar salad; and bacon and cabbage as you’ve never seen it before, with a mustard marmalade glaze and crisp croquettes.

    Scampi spice bag Easy Food

    4. 5 ways with stout

    We’ve been having plenty of delicious fun in the Test Kitchen creating new recipes using Irish stout. From scones and brownies to the decadent braised short ribs we just HAD to put on our cover, prepare to be hungry.

    Irish stout braised short ribs Easy Food

    5. Bake what ya Mama gave you

    Treat your Mammy to the stunning bake she deserves this Mother’s Day, with our fabulous lemon and raspberry cake.

    6. Healthy at home

    We’ve been checking out the health benefits of traditional Irish foods, from black pudding to barley and seaweed to salmon. And, of course, we’ve been using these ingredients to develop some fabulous recipes, ready for you to nourish your body and soul.

    Salmon creamy mussel sauce Easy Food

    7. Heritage potatoes

    Deputy Editor Jocelyn has been chatting to Maria Flynn of Ballymakenny Farm about her beautiful heritage potatoes, and unearthing a story of invention, determination and really hard work in the process.

    8. For goodness’ traybake

    Food Stylist Shannon has been delighting the entire staff with her traybakes — with plenty of top tips included, these are straightforward enough for even amateur bakers to make with ease.

    Lime coconut traybake bars Easy Food

    9. New family favourites

    If you’re stuck in a midweek rut, look no further — we’ve got our usual complement of quick and tasty meals for busy evenings.

    Sausages Garlic chilli Butternut Squash Easy Food

    10. And finally… how Irish are your tastebuds?

    Take our fun quiz to find out!


    The March issue of Easy Food is in shops on February 28th — don’t miss your copy!

    Easy Food issue 146 front cover March 2020