10 ways Easy Food January will make you feel cosy

    10 reasons Easy Food January will keep you cosy 2020 issue 145

    Your run-down on why Easy Food January is the perfect kitchen companion to take you into a new year and a new decade.


    1. Donal’s back!

    Donal Skehan returns as Easy Food guest editor, sharing recipes from his new book Super Food in Minutes (with which we are fully obsessed). Alongside his tasty, quick meals, he also tells us how he balances a busy career with a growing family and his best tips from staying sane and well-fed.

    Donal Skehan Easy Food editor Caroline Gray January 2020

    2. Seasonal veg

    It’s the time of year for hearty winter produce, and we’re making it as easy as possible to get those veggies in, with plenty of recipe ideas for root vegetables as well as inspirational ways to cook Brussels sprouts. Trust us — these will convert even the haters.

    Shredded Brussels sprouts ginger garlic Easy Food

    3. Enriched breads

    Food Stylist and baking expert Shannon Peare has been filling the Test Kitchen with all sorts of delicious smells, pulling together a step-by-step guide to enriched dough breads like challah and brioche. Absolute heaven.

    Challah bread Easy Food

    4. Gut health

    After all of the festive indulgence, it might feel like time to look inwards, as it were, and focus on cultivating a healthy, happy digestive system. We’re here to help, explaining why gut health is so important, giving you a run-down of which foods to focus on (including the difference between pro- and pre-biotics) and providing some truly delicious recipes designed to feed that microbiome.

    5. Slow down

    If ever there was a month designed for slow cooking, it’s January. Our wallets are slim, energy levels are low and we’re in serious need of nourishing meals that take minimal effort. Curl up with one of our warming slow cooker dinners and enjoy the hibernation.

    Paneer Masala slow cooker Easy Food

    6. No bones about it

    This month’s advice from our butcher friend Michael Fleming focuses on bones – why they’re a good thing, what to look for and how to use them. And, if you’re interested in making your own bone broth, we’ve got a foolproof cheat’s method for making it in – yep, you guessed it – your slow cooker.

    7. Cooking with quinoa

    Packed with protein and fibre, quinoa holds its place in the list of health foods with good reason. We’ve been experimenting in the Test Kitchen, finding new, fun ways to cook with quinoa and show just how versatile this grain can be.

    Turkey quinoa meatballs Easy Food

    8. Trout

    Deputy Editor Jocelyn Doyle is encouraging people to try Irish rainbow trout, an often-overlooked choice of fish that is both flavoursome and nutritious. In addition to chatting to Goatsbridge Trout Farm about their fish, we’ve also been getting absolute notions and enjoying some trout caviar. We fancy now.

    9. New ways for New Year’s Eve

    Celebrate the end of 2019 with tasty canapés and cocktails, then indulge with one of our recovery breakfasts the next morning.

    10. Food resolutions

    Team Easy Food has been busy thinking about the New Year’s resolutions we’ll be making for the year ahead, and — no surprises here! — they’re all food-related. We’re sharing our resolutions in this issue, and we hope they’ll inspire you to make some positive changes of your own.

    Kimchi Noodles Easy Food gut health

    Greet 2020 with the January issue of Easy Food, on sale from December 14th!

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