10 tasty reasons you need the Easy Food Summer Special

    Banana split pavlova Easy Food

    1. This happy pair
    David and Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear share new recipes, give us their top tips for healthy eating and of course perform plenty of handstands while they’re at it.

    Happy Pear David Stephen Flynn Easy Food

    2. I scream, you scream
    Summer is finally here and so are our new spectacular ice cream desserts!

    3. Stick it to me
    We’ve gone skewer mad this month. With our delicious skewer combos, you will too!

    4. You’re a peach
    We *LOVE* the sweetness of in-season summer stone fruits, and are enjoying peaches in both sweet and savoury dishes.

    Peach cobbler Easy Food

    5. A bit on the side
    We’ve taken classic side dishes like potato salad and coleslaw and brought them to a new, slightly swankier level, so you can impress guests with minimal fuss.

    6. A piece of cake
    Cake conjurer Shannon has been cleverly turning classic Irish ice pops into cupcakes. Brunch-inspired baked Alaska cupcakes? Say no more…

    Brucnh baked Alaska cupcakes

    7. Get your goat
    Recipe Editor Jocelyn shares her love of County Clare-based St. Tola goat’s cheese, along with a gorgeous summer recipe combining the cheese with seasonal rhubarb.

    8. The big bite
    Master the art of making the perfect burger, every time, with our handy guide.

    9. Something sinful…
    This bread bowl Cheddar and bacon dip. I mean – look at it.

    Bread bowl Cheddar and bacon dip Easy Food

    10. Something saintly…
    Healthy, fruit-based treats for when you fancy something sweet.

    Easy Food issue 131 June/July 2018 summer special cover

    The June/July Summer Special of Easy Food is in shops now for just €3.90!



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