10 tasty reasons you need Easy Food September

    Easy Food issue 142 September 2019 magazine

    Are you ready for the September issue of Easy Food? Once again packed with seasonal recipes, Test Kitchen tips and expert advice, read on to find out what we have in store for you this month…


    1. In the kitchen with Catherine

    This month’s guest chef is none other than Catherine Fulvio, one of Ireland’s most recognisable faces when it comes to cooking: an award-winning food writer, TV chef and proprietor of Ballyknocken House and Cookery School in County Wicklow. She knows how seasonal, quality ingredients make the best foundation for wholesome meals, as well as how to make time in busy schedules for home cooking. A woman after our own hearts, Catherine is also an advocate for allowing yourself a small treat when the mood strikes!

    Catherine Fulvio Caroline Gray Easy Food guest chef September 2019 issue 142 magazine
    Catherine (left) having a laugh with Easy Food Editor Caroline
    2. Back for good

    We all like to think we’re constantly improving as cooks. After years of honing our skills in the Test Kitchen, this month we’ve delved back into the Easy Food archives to see if we could use everything we’ve learned to bring some of our old recipes to a new level. Spoiler alert: not only are we better cooks, but our photography skills have definitely improved, too!

    chicken schnitzel mashed potato Easy Food

    3. Rooting for you

    It’s finally root veg season once again! We love working with the natural sweetness of parsnips, whether it’s pairing them with pancetta for a fabulous pasta dish that plays sweet against salty; adding them to a veggie curry to balance out the spice mix; or baking them into a loaf cake just like we would with their sister vegetable, carrots.

    Parsnip and bacon spaghetti Easy Food

    4. On the rise

    Food stylist Shannon is experimenting with quick breads this month, giving us her top tips for failsafe baking and some great recipes for scones, healthy lunchbox muffins and a chocolate orange loaf you’re definitely going to want to make.

    Basic scones Easy Food

    5. Let’s get ready to crumble!

    Speaking of baking, one of the best things about this time of year is the glut of fruit just begging to be baked into seasonal crumbles, cobblers and crisps. We’ve been making absolute gluttons of ourselves in the Test Kitchen and we make no apologies!

    Crumbles cobblers and crisps autumn baking Easy Food

    6. Head over heels

    You know that special feeling when, every now and then, you find a food that you fall in love with on the spot? Deputy Editor Jocelyn (and the rest of the team!) is currently deeply obsessed with White Mausu Peanut Rayu. In this edition of Eat Ireland, learn the story behind this incredibly addictive condiment and find out all the ways we’ve been enjoying it — they are many. Just look at this droolworthy dish:

    Eat Ireland White Mausu peanut rayu fried eggs and greens Jocelyn Doyle Easy Food

    7. Back to school

    This time of year can be stressful for parents, with an incredible amount to juggle, organise and remember. We’re here to take the pressure off lunchbox prep, at the very least, with flavoursome recipe ideas, all the info you need to make sure the kids are getting all those nutrients, tips on how to keep them interested and helpful advice from this month’s Home Ec expert.

    Creative lunchbox ideas back to school September Easy Food

    8. Eggsactly what you need

    Eggs are definitely on our favourite foods list — healthy, filling, versatile, convenient and perfect for any mealtime, they’re a regular feature in our home cooking as well as in the Easy Food kitchen. This issue, we’ve been finding some new ways to enjoy them, inspired by dishes from around the world.

    Turkish Poached Eggs chilli butter and yoghurt Easy Food

    9. Storecupboard scrounge

    Everyone is familiar with those evenings when you’ve got no plans for dinner and zero inspiration, and it seems like there’s nothing in the house. Before you reach for that takeaway menu, check out our easy meals built purely from the ingredients lurking in the larder — trust us, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised.

    Spaghetti with anchovies and crispy crumbs Easy Food

    10. Raise a toast

    Ah, toast. You’re always there for us: when we’re hungry, when we’re bored, for breakfast or for a midnight snack. We’ve been diligently figuring out the perfect balance between simple, quick and delicious when it comes to toast toppings.

    Toast toppings Easy Food

    The September issue of Easy Food is in shops from Saturday 24th. Don’t miss out!

    Easy Food issue 142 September 2019 cover image magazine


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