10 reasons and one week to love bread

    National Bread Week Easy Food

    Bread is one of my favourite things in this world, and what better time to honour that than during National Bread Week? Running from September 10 – 16, this is a celebration of a bread not only as a food, but as part of our heritage and national psyche. Check out their website for more information, events, and survey results!

    The traditions of bread-making and bread-breaking are older than any of us, and we remember them from our earliest days. In fact, a study found that the smell of bread evokes happy memories for almost 2/3rd’s of us. Even more impressively, the smell of bread makes 89% of us happy, even more than the % of people who claimed to actually like eating it!

    Here at Easy Food, we obviously love baking our own bread and experimenting. It’s such a versatile food, and there honestly is a bread for every occasion and from every occasion, whether an Italian classica sweet treat, or even an adults-only twist on a traditional favourite, we love trying new bakes, and we hope you do too!

    In honour of National Bread Week, registered dietitian Dr Mary McCreery has come up with ten reasons why greatness isn’t born, its bread.

    1. The evocative smell: Not only does bread taste delicious, it’s smell has been scientifically proven to make us happy!
    2. Versatility: As well as having so many varieties, there are endless ways to enjoy bread – from toasting to dunking, filling to topping!
    3. Nutritious: Bread is a source of many nutrients including protein, folic acid, fibre, and vitamins and minerals.
    4. Iron rich: Irish people get more iron from white bread than we do from meat or fish, and it’s also the second highest contributor to our calcium intake.
    5. Nostalgia: Bread is an integral part of our memory bank, from a happy family picnic to making toast over the fire with your gran.
    6. Low in fat and sugar: Irish bread is among the best in the world and is low in both fat and sugar. Both brown and white bread provide just 1% of the fat content of the Irish diet.
    7. Daily variety: With so much choice -soda, potato, batch, butter loaf, wheaten, sourdough – we can eat a different bread variety every day of the week across a wide range of meals.
    8. Tastes great: This one is self-explanatory, and we think few would disagree!
    9. Protein and folic acid: Research by the Irish Universities Nutritional Alliance showed that bread provides as much as 10% of Irish people’s daily intake of protein and folic acid.
    10. Loved by most: Nearly two thirds of us (65%) are proud bread lovers, and a further 10% admit to being secret bread lovers, although here at Easy Food we are slightly confused as to what that is, we wouldn’t hide our love of bread for the world!