10 of the funniest food signs


    Sometimes there’s more to a restaurant than what’s on their menu…

    1. Are they not the words of the song?
    Funny food sign
    Courtesy of teamjimmyjoe.com

    2. For all the true coffee lovers!

    Funny coffee sign
    Courtesy of luvthat.com

    3. Mmmm…BACON

    Bacon poem
    Courtesy of food.ndtv.com

    4. A good old Irish summer!

    Ireland pub sign
    Courtesy of www.personallicencescourses.co.uk

    5. I must be screaming a lot for gin on a Monday..Gin

    6. I’m glad I didn’t leave them a bad review!Funny Yelp sign

    7. It’s for your own safety! Eat cake!

    Courtesy of izismile.com/

    8. Now that’s my kind of fitnessCupcake fitness

    9. Classic.

    Gelato Dessert Icecream
    Courtesy of www.jokejive.com

    10. Oh my god…they are absolutely right!!

    Dessert sign
    Courtesy of ination.pro


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