10 mouth-watering slow-cooker meals

    Slow cooking recipes

    There’s nothing better than curling up to a warm bowl of goodness on a blustery night, but we can all admit we probably spend less time than we’d like prepping these comfort food favourites. The solution?

    A slow cooker.

    Hours of cooking over a low heat means that meat becomes fall-apart tender, rich flavours develop and — best of all — there’s no need to stand over a hot stove! Sit back, relax and let your slow cooker do the work for you with some of our favourite  slow cooker recipes.

    1.Braised beef short ribs

    Braised beef short ribs Easy Food

    This is one that’s easy enough for a weeknight meal but impressive enough for a dinner party. Serve these bad boys with creamy mashed potatoes and a healthy drizzle of the braising sauce.

    2. Pulled pork with polenta

    Pulled pork and polenta Easy Food

    This slow cooker pulled pork with polenta is a stick-to-your bones comfort food. Polenta is maize flour, and this Italian staple is the perfect creamy bed for moreish pulled pork.

    3. Braised lamb shanks 

    Braised lamb shanks Easy Food

    Budget-friendly lamb shanks hold up well to strong flavours, so onion and rosemary are key here. Be sure to serve with a robust red wine and plenty of mashed potatoes!

    4. Beef bourguignon

    Beef bourguignon Easy Food

    This French classic is a favourite for a reason — layers of flavour develop from the first fried bacon lardons to the sautéed mushrooms and rich wine sauce.

    5. Braised oxtails

    Heart-warming braised oxtails take many of us back to our childhood kitchens. Oxtails are cheap as chips and absolutely packed with flavour. Just be sure to discard the bones!

    6. Braised beef cheeks


    When a recipe is this good, there’s no need to rush. This braised beef cheeks take about three hours to reach pull-apart-tender perfection, but they’re worth every minute.

    7. Easy game pie

    Easy game pie - Easy Food

    Game is ideal in winter — these seasonal meats are economical, full of taste and hold up nicely to rich winter flavours. This easy game pie is a lovely introduction to game, or a real winner to connoisseurs.

    8. Fiery beef vindaloo

    Fiery beef vindaloo Easy Food

    This fiery vindaloo curry is packed with fresh ginger and spicy cayenne pepper — make sure to have plain natural yoghurt on the side to cool things down!

    9. Indulgent venison stew

    Venison stew

    This slow cook stew tastes as delicious as it looks. Although milder than other stews, this rustic stew gets a jolt of rich flavour from an unexpected ingredient — dark chocolate!

    10. Beef short rib pie

    Beef short rib pies

    This super-luxe rib pie is filled with boneless short ribs, tomato purée shallots and garlic cloves. Topped with a golden, buttery pastry lid, this is one winter dish we don’t mind hibernating with.