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Lidl and Jigsaw launch Bakery pop-up Easy Food
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Need some mindful time out? Pop down to The Bakery!

LIDL and their charity partner Jigsaw - the National Centre for Youth Mental Health - are launching a fantastic initiative this week. From August...
Bord Bia rack of pork Easy Food
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Mix up the menu and rise to the #PorkNight Challenge

We all know that variety is the spice of life, but it can be a challenge to reflect that in our weekly dinner menu....
Gallaghers traditional Irish food experience 1900s Easy Food
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How to find a taste of old Ireland in modern-day Dublin

Regular readers will know that Irish food is one of my great passions in life, and that I celebrate, support, promote, purchase and eat...
Ireland's famous foods Easy Food
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How to travel the world on a plate – ultimate Eatlist...

This week the fantastic news came out that Ireland has 3 entries in the much-discussed 'Ultimate Eatlist' compiled by Lonely Planet! This incredible piece...
Butcher's barbecue advice Easy Food
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Butcher’s block: barbecue advice

What meats should I go for to provide a good selection at my barbecue? Chicken and beef are the obvious crowd-pleasers, but pork shouldn’t be...
Cafe en Seine reopening Easy Food
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Get ready to be wow’d by the new look Cafe en...

Currently closed for renovation, Café en Seine will re-open its doors in November 2018. The iconic Dublin venue - which opened in 1993 and is...
All about jackfruit Easy Food
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Jack(fruit) of all trades – what you need to know

The jackfruit is definitely an ‘it’ food of the moment. Native to South East Asia, it’s the largest of all known tree-borne fruits and...
Easy Gluten Free Autumn 2018 Easy Food
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11 reasons you need Easy Gluten-Free Autumn

We run through our favourite reasons to pick up the new Autumn edition of Easy Gluten-Free… 1. Preserves As autumn arrives, set some of the season...
Jam-making tips Easy Food
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Home Ec: jamming the night away

Whether you are buying fruit or growing it yourself, it’s so readily available at this time of year that it’s the ideal time to...
School lunches Easy Food
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Butcher’s block: school lunches

Which types of meat are good value to buy for school lunches? A whole turkey breast is very good value, as is a ham fillet....