15:46:24 December 17, 2015
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Iceland Calls for Festive Phone Freeze!

Retailer urges nation to maximise family time by putting phones away as 91% of people say they will have their phones on them at all times this Christmas


Food retailer Iceland is urging people to put their phones down this Christmas and enjoy all the special moments over the festive season. Whether its snacks or starters, mains or desserts, Iceland has your food all wrapped up for Christmas but the frozen food experts reckon that we are prone to digital distraction and are not savouring the festive food and family time as much as we should! The retailer has highlighted their fantastic festive range with a nationwide poll that reveals some interesting smartphone habits that are eating in to this special time of year.



Survey Highlights:


  1. 91% of respondents said they will have their phones on them at all times during the Christmas period.
  2. 51% say they share food photos with friends via social media sites.
  3. 35% of people have admitted to adjusting or rearranging their food to make it look more appealing in a photo.
  4. In an age of sharing and social networking sites, 65% of respondents said they will Snapchat festive food choices over Christmas
  5. 56% of respondents did say the most worthy meals will get photographed over Christmas, with 9% forecasting that every meal will be photo friendly.
  6. When it comes to the best part of the meal, 60% said their favourite part is the Turkey and trimmings.
  7. The Christmas dinner table topped the poll of our favourite festive food photography moments



Food for thought


Iceland is calling on everyone to put down their phones this Christmas and take in what the festive period with friends and family has to offer. Seeing as 91% of respondents will be glued to their phones for the festive season, it’s not surprising they’ll be taking lots of pictures to share with their friends but is this eating in to our family time at home?


In an age where Snapchat is king and people are sharing their lives all over social media, just over half say they will share food photos with friends via text, WhatsApp and Snapchat. 56% of people say the most worthy meals will get photographed this Christmas, whereas 9% reveal that every meal will be photo worthy and 86% of them say they will be sharing their pictures with friends.


Oyster Rockefella Landscape2


Sharing platters


When it comes to sharing, it seems we’re becoming ever more obsessed, understandable if you’re sharing the latest news over an amazing cheeseboard with friends as opposed to over sharing every snack on social media. 51% of people have said they share food photos with friends via text/WhatsApp/Snapchat. 35% of people have admitted to adjusting or rearranging their food to make it look more appealing for that perfect Instagram shot.



Festive food photo frenzy


Photographing food and drink is continuing to be both a big part of eating in and out, and it seems Christmas will see more food photography than ever. All women surveyed admitted to taking pictures of their food, with under half of men surveyed saying they take pictures of food.


When it comes to the best part of the meal, 60% said their preference is the Turkey and trimmings while 36% said they preferred the Turkey/Ham sandwiches. Mince pies seem to have overtaken Christmas pudding in dessert rankings with 11% more people opting for the mini pastry pie.


When asked what their favourite thing to photograph at Christmas is, nearly half said it was the dinner table set, followed by the table full of party food.


XC1390 Autumn Rebrand Outdoor Campaign_48 Sheet copy.indd


In the last two months Iceland Ireland has welcomed two new stores to the fold, with one opening in Kerry and the other on Dublin’s Talbot Street. Now with 10 stores across Ireland it’s even easier to enjoy the #PowerOfFrozen this Christmas. The Christmas range is looking better than ever with an amazing variety of products including, Luxury 6 Oysters Rockerfeller (390G) (€13), Perfect Turkey Crown (2.4KG, serves 8-10) (€15), Luxury Bacon Lattice Topped Turkey Breast Joint with Sausage & Bacon Stuffing (1.8KG — serves 6-8) (€16) and Luxury Croquemouche (1.19KG) (€12).


Ron Metcalfe, Managing Director of Iceland Ireland, commented; “It’s not surprising to see that so many people are glued to their phones over the Christmas season but we want people to have fun this festive period, put their phones away, enjoy the wonderful food with their family and friends this Christmas. Our Christmas range is all about sharing with the people around you, we’ve created some fantastic platters and canapés for our customers to be able to do this.”


The products are available now at Iceland’s 10 Irish stores nationwide. Visit www.iceland.ie to find your nearest store.

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